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About us

First off Top Trusted Seller US is dedicated to providing trending products at a good price to our customers. 

Secondly Products that can be sold at a deep discount compared to being sold in store will be made available. This is done through importing items. This also brings unique and some unheard of products to the store to be sold. 

Thirdly I like things I like, and want to have them in my store. I do youtube, am a gamer, like to do a lot of activities etc. If I find cool products that I can realistically sell on here, I will bring them to you. 

I have sold on other online platforms for over 10 years. I was a eBay Power seller and top rated seller for years. I am a honest person. I intend to be as honest and clear as I can be with products. So if you have any questions please ask. The website is up and running, but is in early testing phases. Meaning hopefully very strong website with lots of great products to come. If you would like to find any products on my website you do not see. Please let me know. Also some products that are more adult may be on this site temporarily at any point. There may be a more adult orientated website in the future.